Lipectomía en Monterrey

Factors such as pregnancy, weight gain due to various circumstances (eating disorders, hormonal, genetic factors, etc.) and the aging process are important causes of deterioration in the normal anatomy or in the aesthetic harmony of the abdomen and body contour.

As a result of these factors, fat deposits are formed in undesirable areas, a globose abdomen due to loss of function of the abdominal muscles, etc. To treat all these areas of loss of anatomy of the abdomen, the procedure of choice is abdominoplasty (lipectomy), which in 95% of cases is combined with liposuction of the waist and back to improve body contour and achieve better results.

The The ideal candidate for lipectomy surgery is any patient who has a good health status,realistic expectations, no smoking or suspending a month before and one month after surgery or simply not being satisfied with the appearance of the abdomen.

What is the best way?

Abdominoplasty consists of removing excess excess skin from the abdomen, removing undesirable fat deposits,restoring and rebuilding abdominal muscles weakened by pregnancy and / or weight gain, all by means of a horizontally oriented scar on the lower abdomen just below of the bikini line.

La técnica a seguir para la abdominoplastía, depende de diferentes factores, como grado de flacidez abdominal, sexo, edad, tipo de piel, etc. 

These techniques vary:

  • Mini tummy tuck (small scar in the lower abdomen) with optional liposuction. liposuction.
  • Conventional abdominoplasty..
  • Extended tummy tuck.
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty..

  Sometimes this procedure can be combined with breast implant surgery, gluteal lipoinjection, , breast lift.All this to improve results improving the body contour.

Important data

Duration of the Procedure: 2 - 3 Hrs.

Type of Anesthesia: Epidural

Procedure: 1 Detention Day

Recovery Time: 3 Weeks

• Final result: 4 to 6 months