Liposucción en Monterrey

This procedure is ideal for patients with fat deposits in different body sites that can not be eliminated with diet or exercise.

This surgery consists in performing the extraction of fat in these sites by means of small scars (3 to 4 mm) and the use of cannulae that are responsible for aspirating the fat cells. At the time of surgery is performed infiltration of physiological solution with adrenaline (to reduce bleeding), xylocaine in some cases to improve postoperative pain or areas with local anesthesia and after this infiltration is performed liposuction.

In some cases in which the flaccidity of the abdomen is important or the abdominal muscles are impaired, the tummy tuck should be considered for an For this, t is important to evaluate with your plastic surgeon.

What is the best way?

It It is important to know that this procedure is NOT a technique to lose weight, it is a procedure to improve and sculpt the contour of the body.

Today we have very reliable and safe liposuction techniques, as long as they are performed in professional hands and in a hospital with all the instruments and medicines necessary to perform this type of procedure.

Important data

Duration of the Procedure: 1:00 - 3:00 Hrs.

Type of Anesthesia: Epidural

Procedure: Outpatient or 1 Day of Internment

Recovery time

– 3 Días actividades moderadas

– 3 Semanas actividades normales

Recovery time:

• Final result: 4 to 6 months

• Girdle: 4 to 6 weeks