Calf Augmentation

Calf Augmentation

The calf implant is a suitable treatment for those people who want to increase the volume of their legs in the area of the twins due due to causes such as genetic components, lack of exercise, congenital anomalies, asymmetries due to some type of accident or illness.

What is the best way?

 The objective of this procedure is to improve the contour of the legs in the posterior region (calves) by using cohesive silicone gel implants.These implants are safe, very resistant to rupture and are not deformed by the activity of the legs. The most frequent and safest placement plane in calf surgery is the subfascial, this means that it is above the muscle.

The scar is 4 cm and it is hidden behind the knee being practically imperceptible.

Post-surgery care consists of wearing compression stockings for about a month and wearing shoes with a high sole in the heel region (heel).

Important Facts about Calf Raising Surgery


  • Duration of the Procedure: 1:00 - 1:30 Hrs.
  • Type of Anesthesia: Epidural
  • Procedure: Ambulatory
  • Recovery Time: 1 to 2 Weeks